We offer a supportive counselling and psychotherapy service. We support and help you to understand, accept and work through your feelings, emotional problems and concerns. Working towards self-discovery and awareness.


Our approach is not to offer advice. We work with you to gain a better understanding of the ways suited to you, to create positive changes. We explore the difficulties you have and work towards resolving any issues. This involves working alongside you and supporting you. Helping you to put in the required time and effort towards self-exploration and emotional improvements. There are no ‘quick fixes’. But it also isn’t meant to be an on-going life-long quest for personal happiness. No one can ever achieve ‘perfect’ but good-enough is a pretty good place to get to.

We both practice an integrative approach to therapy which means several distinct models of counselling and psychotherapy are used together. Generally, we use a person-centred approach, combined with the humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other appraoches to suit your needs. We can explore a range of approaches or if you have a particular approach you want to try, we will work with you to get you to where you want to be. Don’t worry if these models and approaches mean nothing to you (strange words!). We’ll just use our knowledge, expertise and experience. We don’t need to use particular labels.

feelings_lifeYour feelings

Feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, abandonment, loneliness, rejection, trauma and confusion have sometimes built up over a period of time. Sometimes they have a root in your childhood. Sometimes they don’t. We work with you psychotherapeutically and help you understand the origins of your feelings, thoughts and actions more clearly. Identifying emotional issues and the background to your problems and difficulties can often give a sense of clarity on where you are now. Then you can work on what you might want to go on to achieve.

No ‘one size fits all’. We believe in what research shows… that the relationship with your therapist is more important than the method used. Where there is trust and understanding between us, a lot of good work can be done.

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