Dr. Emma Radway-Bright

I’m Emma, a lead therapist at I Need Therapy. I originally trained as a scientist and completed a PhD in medical research, embarking on a high-level career in science policy.

While I was always drawn to the benefits of taking a logical, scientific approach, there has always been a side of myself that’s passionate about engaging with people, their experiences and how they feel about themselves… not your typical ‘scientist’!

After a lot of research, I decided to embark on an introductory course in counselling skills, to see if I was suited to the more ‘feeling’ side of things. That’s when I first met Sharon. I progressed to a further four years of study which included mandatory personal therapy for myself. What better way to learn about therapy than to experience it myself? The course also included taking on voluntary placements to start to put some of my learning into practice.

This ignited my passion for counselling and psychotherapy, and understanding people and their feelings; and a desire to help them work through issues to come to an understanding of themselves; and why they might act and react in certain ways.

You can find me on the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Register.

Therapist Expertise

In my voluntary work and private practice as a therapist I work and engage with a wide range of people from all walks of life – working with general malaise (feeling unhappy or ‘not quite right’), depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, addictions; or trying to gain a ‘sense of self’ (or ‘wellness’) and acceptance (‘I’m okay as I am’).

I specialise in trauma – in particular working with people who have experienced rape; childhood sexual, physical or emotional abuse; and domestic violence; as well as working with women and men who have needed additional support post-miscarriage or post-abortion.

There is always space to just talk. Sometimes life just presents us all with experiences we need to talk about. There are issues you might want to explore or maybe you’re not quite sure how an event may have impacted your life and the people around you. How you feel. What you think. How you act.

The space I provide for you to explore your thoughts and feelings will always be confidential, understanding, compassionate and empathic. If this is something that you feel you would like to try then please call me to discuss how I can help.