Sometimes the thought crosses your mind, ‘She needs to go to therapy’, ‘He needs some counselling’, ‘I need therapy’.

The only one of those thoughts you really have control over is the last one. If you’ve come to this website, it’s because you’ve thought either or all of these:
‘I need therapy’
‘I need to talk to someone about this’
‘I need to talk’…

Getting to the point of realising you need to speak to someone is often the most difficult thing to do. It’s the bravest thing to admit to yourself as well. Sometimes we are not sure why we need to speak to someone, other times we know there’s an issue or we’re worried about something. Whichever category you are in, you’re in the right place.

Let’s talk

make_callIf you need to talk to someone about your life, the people around you, your experiences (past and present) or about everything in between, then please take that next brave step and give us a call. We are here to help.

Booking an initial appointment is simple. Just give us a call and we’ll have an initial chat about why you feel you need therapy – often called counselling or psychotherapy. We’ll discuss your availability and we’ll take your contact details. We’ll then follow up with an email detailing the time, date and location for you to attend your initial appointment. During this appointment, we can explore a bit about you and what you want to talk about. We’ll then see you weekly until you feel you’ve dealt with the issues you want to tackle.

Therapy in London

First of all, you might want to find out a little about who you’ll be talking to, the services we offer, our location and prices. If you’re curious about what else we do, take a look at our hearts & minds too.

We totally understand that the first call to say ‘I Need Therapy’ can be hard. But give it a go. Call us. We understand.